Washington Cemetery–Origin & Progress, 1859.
Mrs. Sarah Foster Hanna - Washington Cemetery Founder
Mrs. Sarah Foster Hanna
Washington Cemetery Founder
Washington Cemetery
“Guardian Of Our Community’s Heritage”

“In the summer of 1852, a number of citizens of the town and vicinity, upon the invitation of Mrs. Sarah Foster Hanna, President of the Washington Female Seminary, met at the Seminary to take into consideration the propriety of establishing a new cemetery. This estimable lady saw with regret that our old burial place was no longer appropriate; that the foot of unhallowed intrusion had profaned its sanctity and bereft it of all pleasant associations. She therefore engaged in an earnest effort to awaken in the community a feeling for the neglected dead, and if necessary that a new place of sepulture be provided.

The result of that meeting was the organization of the present Company, and the purchase of ground upon which the new Cemetery is located.


And so it came to be that on the 3rd. day of March, 1853 The Washington Cemetery Company was incorporated and the first Board of Managers was organized to procure an eligible site for the contemplated improvement. The company was very fortunate in the location thus secured. Situated upon the Upper Ten Mile Plank Road, about a half a mile from Washington, it is easy of access from town and country. From this elevated position the visitor looks down on the town of Washington, spread out upon the beautiful basin formed by Catfish Run, one of the headwaters of Chartiers Creek; and far beyond over a large expanse of rich and variegated scenery.”

Washington Cemetery–Origin & Progress, 1859.

The first interment on Nov. 1st, 1853 was that of John Morgan Hayes, the infant son of Morgan.

The first interment on Nov. 1st, 1853 was that of John Morgan Hayes, the infant son of Morgan.