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Buying Cemetery Graves, Memorials, and Mausoleum Crypts online has NEVER been easier for Family and Friends of Washington Cemetery.
For Pre-Need Planning, we offer graves in our newest section (located by the pond) at just $2,720 per grave and a choice of five (5) memorials that are made up of either three (3) upright monuments OR two (2) flat markers [see below].
Washing Cemetery - Four Seasons Mausoleum.JPG
Our last Pre-Need selections are single and double Mausoleum Crypts in our beautiful Four Seasons Mausoleum.

These prices begin at $10,200 and $14,800 respectively.
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UPRIGHT MARKER - V166 - $5,000.00.png

One of our most beautiful and popular upright monuments.

Die size: 3'-6" x 8" x 2'-4"

Base size: 4' x 1'-2" x 8"


UPRIGHT MARKER - V1909 - $3,000.00.png

This monument shown in very popular Barre Gray color.

Die size: 2'-6" x 6" x 3'

Base size: 3' x 1' x 6"


UPRIGHT MARKER - V1912 - $2,000.00.png

This monument represents a typical single burial.

Die size: 1'-8" x 6" x 2'

Base size: 2' x 1' x 6"


*Available in various colors. This price includes foundation and installation.


FLAT GRASS MARKER - V824 - $1,200.00.png

This marker includes the

artwork provided.

Size: 2' x 1' x 4"


Shown in Barre Gray color.

FLAT GRASS MARKER - V883 - $800.00.png

This marker includes a polished border.

Size: 2' x 1' x 4"


Available in various colors.

*Cost includes installation and foundation.

Thirty [30] free letters and/or numbers included in this price.


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